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Leila the silver fingers

What pushes Leila Dali to survey the land punic and Berber to collect stone, metal,chains and ring of the fallen great history ?

What push the artist to wander the shops to stroll from the Medina of Tunis or observe tirelessly jewelers jerbiens ?

Without doubt this is the old story of the Greek god to bplease his captive turned iron into gold and water into fire, perhaps the desire to beauty the women of her country and other banks Kholkhals, Khomsa, Rihana, rings , necklaces, bracelets or rosettes, Leila Dali appropriates and diverts them from their functional sense, they are not only a sign of belonging.She rienvents another sense ,puts them dowon on the busts or the wrist according to the desires and ceremonies......history to show its beauty.
She arranges the jewerly fragments , mixed materials , relieves, softens forms.


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Hotel Yadis Djerba
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