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Good service is more than just luck

Within the space of a few decades , tourism has been transformed from the satus of manual-labour sector into the word's leading industry. Furthermore, the pace of change has been even more rapid over the last few years. The implications for tourism products, jobs and entreprises are enormous.
However, the key to success in the tourist industry remains today, as much as it has ever done in the past , in offering the customer good service. What has changed are the methods of going about it and achieving that.
Offering the required service at the right time and at a fair market price now requires faultless organization and skills that bear no comparaison to previous practises. These days good service cannot suffice alone on a manager's or executive's instinct, talent or genius ; it is more a question of business organization and the result of a conscious policy, the corollary of wich is the ongoing quest for competitivity.It is these convictions that serve as the foundation for the Yadis Group's strategy : investing in innovation and improving the product, building team of skilled professionals and using new technologies to provide a good service.We believe we are achieving that with our partners.

                                                                                     JALEL BOURICHA

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