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Baby mama Cure

The pleasure of being with your baby! Professionals nurses takes care and pampers your baby in a mini nursery in Yadis Thalasso & Spa center during your cure.

5 cares per day over 6 days, preferably set between the 3rd and 8th months after childbirth.

  • 1 remodeling care: chest, abdomen, buttocks
  • 1 rehabilitation care specific young mother 1 day / 2
  • 1 hydromassage bath, jet ventral bath, underwater shower, algotherapy young mother care, 1 microbubbles bath with baby, 1 massage for baby by mama (under medical supervision)
  • 1 Gymnastics care young mother on pool or indoor + stretching.
  • 1 Slimming Massage: Anti-cellulite, anti-stretch marks or relaxing massage alternately according to medical advice.
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