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Conditions of sale

Our terms and conditions refer to orders made under Tunisian law establishing the conditions for conducting activities related to the organization and the sale of holidays. We can provide the buyer upon request a copy of the articles concerned.
The reservation of one of our holidays implies full acceptance of our terms of sale that the customer has previously accessed all the terms of the proposal. Any exemption to the client will make no innovation to these terms.

Validity of offer:
Our offerings extend subject to availability at time of booking. Our application form and our descriptions are valid prior information prior sale, whose terms will be void for lack of signature in a time of 24 hours after its issuance.
PRICE: Our prices are in Tunisian dinars per person and displayed by currency selected by the user based on the exchange rate prevailing on the date of the offer of release. They must be checked at the time of registration.
They do not include: Any government taxes not in force at the time of booking, the supplementary insurance to our liability as described below, personal expenses (beverages, supplements, laundry, telephone, fax, surety for the loan miscellaneous equipment, ...) costs or penalties incurred as a result of contravention of the laws of the countries concerned, tips and generally any service not specifically included in the registration form.We reserve the right to revise our prices in case of significant increase in fees, insurance, taxes and exchange rates between the day of booking and arrival. The review would take place only by passing the extra cost it incurs.

Registration is effective upon signature by the customer subject to the availability has not disappeared in the meantime. This entry involves the immediate payment of the total amount including bank fees for online payment. The delivery of a card number for payment is not considered a discharge for the debt until the agreement is not obtained from the center.

Cancellation / Amendment / Assignment:
The lengths of stay are shown by day, including the day of arrival and departure are whatever the hour and the number of nights actually spent on site.
Any amendment or cancellation of the stay must be according to conditions mentioned when booking. In case of assignment, the assignor must inform us by letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 7 days prior to arrival, the name, address and phone of the transferee and evidence that it meets the requirements to have stay.

In case of cancellation or "no show", the deposit of 30% of the total amount will be retained by the hotel.
Additional insurance are NOT refundable or transferable. Any holiday interrupted, shortened or any service not used by the client will not be entitled to any refund.
The booking fee (1% of local payment cards and 3% on international payment cards, included in the price) can not be refunded even if you cancel within the time specified.

According to international practice, the rooms are made available, local exceptions, from 14 am to noon regardless of arrival and departure. We reserve the right to technical reasons, force majeure or of third parties, to replace the hotel provided a facility of the same category.
Our prices are contract rates. It is therefore impossible to take account of certain promotional rates charged on site at certain times, accordingly, we do not take account of any claim or refund.
Descriptions are made with care, nevertheless they have no contractual value and we can not be held responsible for changes that arise in the meantime. The number of meals depends on the number of nights spent in hotels. The full board starts with dinner the first night and ending with lunch the last night. Half board includes breakfast and one meal per day (usually dinner). Drinks are not included when it is specifically mentioned. Children under 2 years do not have adult bed in hotels. The rooms "twin share" are offered subject to a person agreeing to share.
Otherwise a single supplement should be paid

Prior to his arrival and registration, the customer must check with the authorities, embassy, consulate ... police formalities, customs and health requirements for their stay.
He will make himself such formalities and ensure it is in compliance with the requirements of relevant authorities for the duration of his stay, under its full responsibility, both for himself and for accompanying persons in particular minors.We note that these procedures are subject to change. The information that we give are for illustrative purposes.We can in no case be liable for any consequences of force majeure events, acts of God or because of others.
We disclaim any liability in the event of modification or cancellation of services due to weather conditions or events beyond our control ...
The concept of civil liability (accident, fire, theft, etc. ...) varies according to the laws of the countries concerned, it is advised that travelers protect themselves by individual insurance to those which may be purchased through us.

In case we would have to cancel the stay, the customer will be offered a stay of a comparable cost. In case of refusal of the client it will repay the amounts paid and will receive compensation equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation was the fact that date.

We have taken out insurance guaranteeing the financial consequences of our professional liability.
We recommend our customers to take out additional insurance.
Any claims must be handled directly related to relevant companies. We provide our customers request for full conditions of insurance.

Any claim for a stay must be made on site.
No claim will be accepted after the departure of the customer.

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